Hello! My name is Richard Andrew Clubine. I’m 23 years old and a recent Graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Chemistry. I love God and have been infused with a passion to share His message with as many people as possible. This blog site is just the beginning – but I feel it’s a great start. My goal for this blog is to challenge myself and others.

There are a lot of things I hope you’ll learn about me as you continue to read my blog. But for starters you can learn more about me in my Welcome To Me post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

If you have read some of my more recent posts, you probably know that I am currently in Africa on a mid-term mission for 1 or 2 years. I am looking for prayer partners and people who are interested in receiving my monthly newsletter from Africa. If you would like to do this, just go to my Contact Me page, and send me a message with your email address. I will add you to my prayer and newsletter list. Please spread the word! Also, If you would like to help fund this ministry, you can donate right here!

God Bless!


2 comments on “About

  1. I really like your PASSION for the Lord Jesus. Sometimes you actually use the word and many other times it just comes through in how you express yourself. It seems clear that you speak from a transformed heart and that you have a vital relationship with Him (not just a club membership). Seeing this in someone your age reassures me about the future of the church. You bring to my mind the thoughts of Paul in 2 Corinthians 5:6-15 in which he says his aim is “to please him” (the ultimate measure of success). Then, he explains his motivation not only as “the fear of the Lord” (which I think involves the sadness of doing anything that would displease Him) but also “the love of Christ” (which I think could be either his love for Christ or Christ’s love working in and through him). The way you are living your life does indeed “persuade others”. Stay surrendered.
    Dr. Lee Jagers
    Director of Counseling Services
    Dallas Theological Seminary

    • Wow. Thank you SO much. This is extremely encouraging. And also thank you for that bit from 2 Corinthians – that Paul’ss motivation is in part due to “the Love of Christ”. Whether that’s Paul’s love for God or the Love of Christ working through Paul, It’s still a wonderful thing.
      In Christ,

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