6 comments on “Côte d’Ivoire Update – 65 Things I’ve Learned in Africa

  1. Amen to that list!
    also I was missing
    -you will give your cellphone number to random strangers, but they will never call
    -it’s a hilarious rite of passage if you get malaria or other deathly diseases
    -taking public transport is like riding a rollercoast, just without the feeling of security
    -you’re everybody’s brother/son. you may address strangers as mama and papa. quite nice actually!
    -strangers will call you from 100m away and ask you how you are

    and i’m sure there are many more 🙂

  2. I chuckled and agreed many times through reading the blog. I’ve been in underdeveloped countries, and they share some of the same things as your son has encountered. When we had a pool party in Colima, Mexico, at the hotel (?) where were staying. I was in charge of the money and ordering food. We ordered something like 15 or 20 pizzas for our team and the orphans.

    The delivery man brought them on a motor scooter, stacked so I I thought they were going to fall off before I could pay the man.

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