7 comments on “Côte d’Ivoire – Wall Climbing

  1. God will continue to bless your journey with strength and peace, Richie. Thanks for your heartfelt post.

      • What you’re doing is amazing. I get that it’s not about you, but not putting you first in order to do so is a rare and wonderful quality.

        I truly believe one can never outgive God. He blesses a selfless heart in more ways that we can fathom. And the relative peace that comes from trusting His journey for us is probably the biggest blessing of all.

        Looking forward to hearing from you more, Richie. Be well and safe.

  2. Richard, I attend FBCC and I imagine that being away from family and friends is very hard, but God will help you through this and he will give you the words to say to the people there. Take care and God bless.

    • Hey Kathy! Thank you! I know He will, and I know that He works in ways that I may never see. Please be in prayer, though, that I will keep this focus, because it is far to easy to get frustrated and discouraged.

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