3 comments on “Q & A

  1. I disagree with you on so many levels. You say you’re not bashing other religions but you actually are. In your opinion you’re not but that’s only YOUR opinion. You’re pretty much saying that non Christians go to Hell but at the same time Christianity is the only religion that is of love and grace. Are you not told to love you’re brothers and sisters? So anyone who is not Christian is not your brother? Didnt you say that your Roman studies suggested acceptance of all faiths, whether YOU think it’s right or wrong?

    • I knew this would cause you to respond. Your email concerned me and I realized that you may not have understood my previous blogs. You seriously need to go back and read my second blog (Part 1 of my 3-part blog). I know it comes across extremely insulting, but I have to make people understand that though wonderful people they may be, they CANNOT receive salvation through anyway besides accepting that Jesus (God), died on the cross to save us from our sins. We have to accept this – the fact that we basically have no power over our eternal lives because God already took care of it 200 years ago – in order to be saved. I know it feels like I’m hating. I’m really not. I mean no disrespect, though I know no one will believe me. I’m just trying to lay out the facts.
      As far as tolerance goes, you may want to re-read part 3. I realize now that I was confusing when I used the word “religions”, but I was talking about denominations. I was talking about Christians tolerating every other Christian faith. I’m sorry I didn’t make this clear.

    • oh and I forgot to address the part about love and grace.
      I do love everyone, and I know that the most vile, evil person in the world deserves God’s grace just as much as I do. Trust me, I don’t wish the torture of hell on anyway. That’s the whole purpose of this blog (so far)! I’m not saying that anyone who is not a Christian is going to hell. I’m saying that in order to have salvation, you must, must, must believe in God’s sacrifice and that it’s the ONLY way you can get into heaven. You HAVE TO understand that. If you don’t, your lost. 😦
      Christianity as a label isn’t the way to heaven. God’s sacrifice is. The thing is, there is no other religion that preaches that God came to Earth as Jesus to die for our sins and be the one and only path to heaven. That is why I essentially said that Christians are the only ones who are saved. If you can find a way to live in another religion yet still believe in this one thing – God’s ultimate sacrifice, then I may disagree with you, but I will be absolutely ecstatic. Please understand this, fully.

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